Oil-soluble product
Nipagin methyl
Nipagin ethyl
Nipagin propyl
Nipagin butyl
Nipagin octyl
Water-soluble product
methyl ester sodium Nipagin
sodium ethyl Nipagin
sodium propyl Nipagin
n-butyl sodium Nipagin
Composite Products
composite Nipagin sodium (special sauce)
comp-osite Nipagin sodium (Broad-spectrum type)
composite Nipagin sodium

Oil-soluble product:
Nipagin ester oil-soluble food preservatives Products: 1, Nipagin methyl; 2, Nipagin ethyl; 3, Nipagin propyl; 4, Nipagin butyl; 5, Nipagin octyl. Products of this type of bacteria, yeast, mold has a good antimicrobial effect, but does not dissolve in water, apply antiseptic oils in food.

Water-soluble product:
Nipagin esters of water-soluble food preservatives Products: 1, methyl ester sodium Nipagin; 2, sodium ethyl Nipagin; 3, sodium propyl Nipagin; 4, n-butyl sodium Nipagin. Products in this category can easily dissolve in water, its main features are safe, efficient, Canton Cape antibacterial and easy to use. Particularly applicable to non-oily food applications.

Composite Products:
Nipagin ester (sodium) composite food preservatives Products: 1, composite Nipagin sodium (special sauce); 2, comp-osite Nipagin sodium (Broad-spectrum type); 3, composite Nipagin sodium ( Product customization based on different mixtures of preservatives dedicated). Products in this category are characterized by increase in the bacteriostatic effect, expanding the scope Bacteriostasis, are spices, fruits and vegetables, pastry filling, beverages and other professional preservatives.


Series of p-hydroxy benzoic acid esters as food preservatives is internationally recognized and highly efficient broad-spectrum preservative. This product from p-hydroxy benzoic acid and alcohols by esterification, heterogeneous, purification refined form. In our country the most common use of sodium benzoate, the product cheaper but toxic, and in foreign countries have banned. Or export of high-grade products used are potassium sorbate, security, despite the use of a large amount of higher cost. Nipagin esters which has its significant advantages, in foreign countries has been widely used.

Bacteriostasis range:
This product has a good to prevent fermentation, ability to suppress bacterial growth. The main inhibiting mold, yeast and Gram-positive, negative bacteria, especially Streptomyces has strong antibacterial ability.

PH value of the scope of relief:
This product applies to the range of PH value 4-8, in this context have good anti-corrosion effect, while sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate in the PH value is greater than 5.5 to use, very little inhibitory effect.

Has high level of safety:
This product is a near non-toxic substances, the amount
of small, in the use of the scope of the human body does not produce toxic side effects.

Add a small amount to eliminate excessive:
This product's actual usage is well below the maximum use of country capacity, adding only sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate 1 / 8-1 / 10. Fundamentally put an end to the current widespread concern over the issue of food preservatives.

Application performance, and ease of use:
This product has oil-soluble type, water-soluble type, three types of mixed type. Energy and many other mixed use of preservatives. This product is high temperature and difficult to oxidative discoloration, add the required amount under the non-odor and easy to use.

Improve product quality, reduce product cost:
This product is preservative effects and usage, at the same inhibitory effect of conditions, much better than sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, and the use of a considerable cost and sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate only 1 / 3.



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