Oil-soluble product
Nipagin methyl
Nipagin ethyl
Nipagin propyl
Nipagin butyl
Nipagin octyl
Water-soluble product
methyl ester sodium Nipagin
sodium ethyl Nipagin
sodium propyl Nipagin
n-butyl sodium Nipagin
Composite Products
composite Nipagin sodium (special sauce)
comp-osite Nipagin sodium (Broad-spectrum type)
composite Nipagin sodium

กก Wuxi Lushi Group's subsidiaries, is a domestic science, industry and trade as a whole, professional study of the production of p-hydroxybenzoic acid ester, sodium salt series products (trade names: Nipagin esters, Nipagin sodium salt) as the main body of the new generation of preservatives. Products currently has three categories (oil-soluble type, water-soluble type, composite type), such as more than a dozen items. Their technical
equipment, production scale, production and sales, the economic benefits the industry forefront of similar products. Over the years, Lu Group invest a lot of money, the United Nations, a well-known industry experts on the subject of food preservation were made by repeated tests, at full experimental research based on many occasions succeeded in developing a licensing Lu Nipagin ester series preservatives, Products After the market by the vast numbers of users. At present, the company has a number of outstanding research, development and application of technical personnel and skilled good business managers; with National Qualification Certificate issued by the industry; Product quality accords with the United States, "Food Chemicals Codex" USP24-NF24, the British Pharmacopoeia (2000 edition) BP2000, Japan's "food additives Public book" (seventh edition) and GB8850/GB8851 Chinese national standards. Wuxi Lushi Food Additive Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful scenic Taihu Lake, Huiquan foothills, south Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Shanghai-Nanjing railway line, the West in accordance with appropriate high-speed tin, the East has Wuxi airport, transportation links, is very convenient. The Company wholeheartedly look forward to working with domestic and foreign manufacturers to establish a wide range of economic and technical cooperation and business contacts to create a better future!


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